Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Fixing the radio...a life change

Some months ago I posted about the radio in my Honda Civic.

Looks like I'll be getting it fixed, but not because it's bothering me. Yes library fans, I'll be fixing my radio because my drive time to work is going to increase.

At the end of May I will no longer be working at LCLS. I have accepted a new position with a company called REJIS in St. Louis. On June 1st I will join their team as a programmer analyst, essentially doing what I do now for a different set of clients and I'll be on a team of people who do what I do: code.

This is a major change for me. I've been with LCLS for seven years now. I've literally grown up there and it has a very special place in my heart. I will miss everyone at LCLS, but I won't be out of touch. I'll also miss working with all the people I have met at our "sister" systems in IL, through conferences, and through the biblioblogosphere.

I will still see some of you this fall. I was invited to speak at Internet Librarian in Monterey and will be keeping that date clear. My new employer is aware of this and they seem to think its pretty neat, so I'm looking forward to being there.

I'll be leaving LCLS with nothing but good feelings for the people there and a little sadness too. I've been lucky to serve under two excellent directors and had many colleagues there help me along the way. I was fortunate to be in a position where I was encouraged to create, to dream, and to grow. Without that type of support I do not think I could have accomplished many of the things I did.

I will be going to the local car radio shop with mixed emotions. I'll be happy to finally have a working radio again, but sad to be leaving such great colleagues.


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