Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Supporting a Culture: Gaming at the Library – Matt Gullet and Kelly Czarnecki, Bloomington Public Library

The second to last session of the 2 day Gaming in Libraries Symposium. As I post this, they are wrapping up with questions on this session.

Supporting a Culture: Gaming at the Library – Matt Gullet and Kelly Czarnecki, Bloomington Public Library

Purposeful programming
What do teens represent in the life-cycle of a library patron?
Builds on the holistic approach to serving lifelong learning
Fits into the overall strategy of technology programming
Maintains purpose space & value in the minds of our public

A key is to make these things a “team effort”. Get people on board and supportive of the program.

Approach asking for resources with confidence. Don’t feel like you have to beg your way into getting prizes/equipment/etc.

Video: Matt is showing a promo video for the game fests. Not only do they use PC games, but they have consoles and regular board games as well.

The PC games they use are Battlefield 1942 and Sims 2. They also are using DDR (PS2) and Mario Kart (Gamecube). For Battlefield they can turn down some of the options to make it less graphic.

Bloomington does theirs quarterly.

How did the GameFests progress?
Funding – Bloomington was awarded some small grants as a technology center in IL
Administrative support
Lessons Learned

These things can impact kids and parents and create a good feeling for the library.

Ok I had a few interruptions, so I stopped about halfway through here. Getting back to it.

Creating a culture, ecology, or Community? … @ the Library.
Combining events – Anime / DDR night. Kelly has held some Anime / DDR nights at BPL.

BPL is a Project Next Generation site. This helps fund the after school computer club.
BPL is using a game-creating curriculum from The Learning Community Group’s CyberSchool. This curriculum is used with the computer club.

Quick notes – our Internet has still been spotty. And for some reason, there is now an obnoxious hum in the speakers, so it’s been kind of a pain to listen to. We thought it was Eli’s amp for DDR, but nope. Not sure what’s doing it, and neither is the A/V guy here.

Overall, this has been an awesome two days. We still have one speaker left to go. After a day or two, I will post my overall thoughts on what I saw and did here.

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