Monday, December 05, 2005

Still going..

I'm taking more notes and forming them into posts. Our "pirate" wireless signal is fading in and out as more laptops have entered the room. It seems to last about an hour, then someone has to go unplug the airport and plug it back in. At first it seemed to be a DNS issue, so I messed with the configuration from Michael's iBook (yes..I touched a MAC!).

Blogger Alley is still going strong, at anyone time at least 4 of us are connected.

Hidden Peanuts
The Shifted Librarian
Walking Paper
Tame the Web

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At 12/05/2005 11:21 PM, Anonymous pbh said...

Checking out all the bloggers responses to today’s presentations and digging it. Chris -- also surprised by not so high number of folks w laptops @ the event. Brought mine but had trouble connecting for wireless access. Now am paying $$ at my hotel for access and wishing someone would get going on getting the whole country wired so it will be free 4 all everywhere.

Tangential thought about the comments at the end of the day related to giving up something in the budget in order to resource to gaming, esp. w Eli's comment on the "blockbuster" missed opportunity. Have been thinking for some time that this may be the moment PLs consider scaling back or abandoning feature DVDs.

PLs have been devastatingly unsuccessful at security related issues (something like a 45% loss rate on the stuff, not something that looks good on a levy run),

direct delivery of this content is just around the corner

Is a service that doesn't build long-term audience – does anyone still believe the persistent myth that if you get users in the door to check out movies, they’ll take advantage of other services?

Maybe a targeted shift of resources from passive material like DVDs to interactive learning stuff that does build audience, like what we’re seeing from our presenters is where it's at

Some old school decision makers never really were down with DVDs, so the concept may offer minor advantages politically…just a thought, but probably need to realize we have to give up something to get something and am not terribly thrilled with the concept of doing all gaming only thru grants.

Pick your poison. Am considering mainstream, readily available DVDs for my list of “may be willing to give up" if it means resources for gaming related services.


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