Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Improving: the new me resolution

After 3 days and 2 nights of living in the sick bay (a.k.a. the pull out bed in the couch), I'm starting to feel better. Appetite is back and so is some of my energy. I'm currently laundering and cleaning any items that I may have "infected". My wife does not want a repeat of the nagging cold she had that turned into a massive ear infection.

This has been a reminder of some of the words I posted before going on holiday and some of the words from Michael. We really do need to slow down sometimes. While are minds are capable of so much, our bodies can lag and sometimes we just need to rest.

Common sense? Yes, for those that have it. But we all know how easy it is to let ourselves get caught up in things and then slip into some form of illness or injury. Some of us this plagues more than others (it's 12:45PM and I just remembered to eat breakfast...)

I've taken quite an interest in many health related things; because of what I've experienced in the past, as well as my acknowledgement that aging requires you to treat yourself differently (no more skateboarding for me...). No, I'm not that old, but it doesn't stop me from thinking about my health and my future.

So I encourage everyone to step back and take a break. No, you don't have to take a week off with a flu/viral infection (better for you if you can avoid it!), but, try to find something you can do everyday to improve your wellness. Be it a small change to your diet, increased exercise routine (or starting one for that matter), or picking a time to just relax and do "mundane" things to let you mind unwind (unwinding the mind has a big effect on your ability to sleep at night...).

I'm not suggesting any New Year's Resolutions, because lets face it, those have just become a cliche. Everyone knows if you make a New Year's resolution you won't keep it.

Think of this as a new me resolution. A promise you make to yourself and/or those that love you, that you will do something every week/month to improve your wellness, be it physical or mental.

If you could do something everyday to feel better, why wouldn't you want to?

My tip for the day: Relax the eyes.
Close your eyes. Take in a deep breath and then tense every muscle in your body (yes. like you're straining on the toilet). Release your muscles while you exhale.
Do this a few times on every break you take. Especially if you stare at the computer screen.
[Kudos to the Nov 2005 Issue of Men's Health magazine for this one]

**Disclaimer: I am not a health professional. I'm telling you something I read in a magazine column that was authored by a health professional. I am not responsible if you hurt yourself doing this. You are responsible for you. If something hurts when you try this, then it is not a good idea to keep doing it and you should see your health professional to speak about it.

***Isn't it sad that I feel I have to post something like the above? But really people, use what common sense you have. Seriously.


At 12/28/2005 1:33 PM, Blogger Joy said...

Glad you're feeling better, Chris!

Another tip for the eyes when using computer screens (and I'm not a health professional and am pulling this out of memory from something I read in a magazine....), is to look away every 10 minutes or so. Preferably out the window, if one is available, but anything that changes the distances that your eyes are seeing will do the trick.


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