Wednesday, December 07, 2005

I'm back home...collecting my thoughts

What a conference. If you weren't there, you really missed something inspiring. But, there is hope...thanks to Blogger Alley, you can read not only notes, but thoughts on what was said and done at the conference.

Who made up "Blogger Alley"? These are the people that made themselves known:
(and sat in the back corner together ;) )

Aaron: Walking Paper
Beth: Game On: Games in Libraries
Chad: Hidden Peanuts
Jenny: The Shifted Librarian
Kelly: Library web Diva
Michael TTW
Me Clam Chowder

The symposium also made it into ALA TechSource:

And you can check Technorati: GaminginLibraries2005
For pics...Flickr of course!

I met a lot of great people, the bloggers listed above weren't the only ones.

I can see a lot of great ideas and collaborative projects coming from this. My thanks to all the speakers who shared their ideas and especially to Eli. Eli has shared his work at Ann Arbor and given us all a lot to think about. I know his colleague John blogs...but maybe one day Eli would consider it! Michael stated..A big, big, big thanks to Jenny. Jenny has the vision to put this kind of stuff togehter. She's not only an asset to MLS, but to Illinois libraries and systems, and to the greater library community. So thanks Jenny! I am definately looking forward to the next one.

Read on...I'll post more of my thoughts as soon as I get caught up and have more time to think on it. Also, look forward to seeing some new ideas worked into my Gaming @ Your Library program. The response by LCLS members has been better than I thought it would.

As it was said at the conference, having gaming in your library is not an "if". It's a "when".

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