Monday, December 19, 2005

Carnival of the Infosciences #18

I'll blame it on the holidays, but today's carnival tour will be a little short. It seems that many of our infoscience bloggers are not at their computers. Thanks to those who answered my plea and got entries to me late Friday.

Before we enter the carnival I have one service announcement: Bloglines users will be lost today while Bloglines moves datacenters. For most of the day the site will be up, but they will stop updating later today and hopefully tomorrow Bloglines users the world over will wake up to a faster, more responsive Bloglines (though I thought it was doing pretty well for the most part).

Today we start off with one of my favorite topics: Library 2.0. John Blyberg posts his thoughts on the road ahead; how we can reach library 2.0. Just a few days later Michael Stephens and Michael Casey had an IM conversation about where to begin.

Moving right along Laura Blalock reveals a dark secret. She doesn't use tags. Not even on her own content. But worry not my fellow geeks. There is method to her madness. If not method, at least sound reasoning. Hear her out before you decide to unsubscribe to her blog!

If you're sad about Bloglines outage today then you'll have time to try out something the 'Brary Web Diva has been using: Feedblitz. Kelli tells us why she thinks Feedblitz is interesting and a few things she found surprising when learning how people subscribe to her feeds.

The week in controversy: Do conference organizers need to rethink how they treat invited speakers? The Shifted Librarian seems to think so. Who could truly disagree with her plight? Conferences do cost money, but being an invited speaker, you would think that conference fees could be waived at least for the day.

While browsing around carnival hosts of the past I found this from the Lethal Librarian. Seems the Non-Female Librarians Association has got itself a little (unwanted) attention. While I can sympathize with their plight (I am the only male in my office today), one must tread carefully. I'm not much of an association man, but I can't say that I have not noticed I am often outnumbered in this profession. Though my age, more than anything, has really determined how people view me (Oh yeah, I'm the youngest full-time staffer as well). Which is ok by me, I do mostly enjoy change and I love to shake things up :)

Hopefully none of this scares away Joy. But after reading about what she has done to land a library job, I'm not sure she'll turn around and run just yet.

As we exit, I truly wish you all have a wonderful holiday season. Do what you enjoy with the people you like to be with!

While you're taking time off, be thinking of what you can send to Joy for the Carnival of the Infosciences #19. She'll need your entries by January 8th. That's plenty of time to come up with something to ring in the New Year, carnival style.

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