Thursday, November 17, 2005

Not another post!! A new intentions

This post..should hopefully be short. After taking a look at my intentions for this blog and doing some thinking, I am happy to announce: The LCLS weboratory

This new blog/site will be the home for all the web projects I'm tinkering with at LCLS. I will be using that blog to update on the status of projects and ideas I have. It will be a lot more technical than I'm going to be (from now on) with this blog. But don't rejoice yet. I will post things that are "technical" here. Just not as headspinning technical as I'll be at the weboratory.

Clam Chowder will remain as my The Web, Your Library, and You kind of blog. I will be posting more articles that apply directly to libraries and library tech issues. I will also cross post any interesting items from other bloggers / news sites as well as notes to any Library/Tech conferences I attend.

So...want to know what I'm up to? Check the weboratory (or subscribe to the RSS feed).
Want to know what's going on with tech in the library? Keep reading here (or subscribe to the RSS feed)


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