Monday, November 14, 2005

More love for Bloglines: RSS Feeds added in CLeO

Last week I worked on adding RSS support for CLeO - our online CE registration system. I now have three feeds available:

Upcoming events - Next 7 days
Recently added events - Added in the last 14 days
Today's Events

How can you use these?
Simple. Get a Bloglines account.

How will it help you?
Track all the websites you like to read IN ONE PLACE. Have content come to you, stop spending your time going to find it.

To save you some more time, here are three events you may be particularly interested in:
Instant Messaging for Reference Services - 2/3/2006 - This will be opened up for registration soon!
How to set up IM (Instant Messaging) in your library - 2/17/2006 - A follow up to the Instant Messaging for Reference Services
Blogs, RSS, and Social Bookmarking websites- using free online tools to reach your patrons - 2/28/2006 - What these tools are, who is using them, and how YOU can use them to reach your patrons.

Also..I hope to very soon announce a new and exciting program for LCLS members. More information will follow VERY SOON.


At 11/14/2005 7:07 PM, Blogger Paul Mills said...

Cool! are you going to share with the other RLS? Maybe feeds by category too? Can it make ice cream too? :-)

At 11/14/2005 8:45 PM, Blogger Chris Deweese said...

Paul- Yes. I will be providing the code to all the IL RLS that are using CLeO. I have one more addition I think everyone will like :)

The custom categories are coming..its a little more work. But the RSS will support that as well.

At 11/14/2005 9:17 PM, Blogger Paul Mills said...

Ooh, sure, now you are teasing in the comments. :-)


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