Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Froogle: Wishlists - just in time for Xmas!

I just noticed this today, but on Froogle you can sign in with your Google account (if you have one, or just use your Gmail account) and create a wishlist by searching for items on Froogle then adding them to your wishlist.

This has probably been around a while, but like I said, I just saw it. I've been reminded several times by my wife to get my list together. So...here it is honey.

Now, I do not expect any of my readers to get anything on there for me (seriously). Most of my family uses email, so this will go straight to their inboxes and hopefully help them get me the right gifts.

Hopefully they coordinate too..because so far it doesn't look like anyone else can take things off your list (which is good, because I would SOOO be finding out what I got long before Santa arrives).

I'll report back after the holidays when I finish collecting all the spoils :)

And no, I did not put the new Xbox 360 on there. Believe me, I want to. Especially since I found the Xbox 360 compatibility list. But last year I got the current Xbox..and the year before it was a PS/2.


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