Thursday, November 10, 2005

A couple follow ups

1) I've had several people e-mail to say they are using the AIM status icon. Thanks for the heads up and sorry to anyone who couldn't find my email..I neglected to enable it in my profile. Good job, I know :)

Dennis Smith stumbled across the AIM status icon, and although he's not exactly a library I did make an exception. But, what he did do was clean up the icons a bit so they blend better on any color background.

Thanks Dennis!

2) Via Frappr, I stumbled across the Wanderings of a Student Librarian. Joy is a student librarian over in MO, and she has an excellent Bloglines tutorial:

Bloglines for Librarians in Three (and a half) Easy Steps

If you are interested in Bloglines, check out her tutorial! Its much simpler than my long-winded explanation of why Bloglines is the best ever :)

Also, while on the subject of Bloglines, "jena" left this comment:
One of the great things about Bloglines is that it will "auto-discover" RSS feeds. If you don't know if a website has one or not, you can just type in the site's base address, and Bloglines will try to find a feed associated with it. It's not completely infallible, as sometimes it can't locate a feed that should be there, but most of the time, it works.

There is also a "bookmarklet" that you can drag to your bookmarks folder; then, when you find a site you want to keep track of, you just click on the bookmarlet and it will automatically try to find any associated feeds and let you subscribe to them, without having to go back to the Bloglines page.
I checked it out and added the Sub with bloglines button to my Firefox bookmarks toolbar. It works great!

There are instructions for several browsers here:


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